PLAGH-MIT Critical Data Datathon
PLAGH-MIT Critical Data Datathon


         Medical practice generates immense amounts of detailed patients and clinical process data which contain tremendous value to improve healthcare quality and safety. In parallel, boost of AI tech is increasingly touching our lives. AI have beaten world champions in the complex game of Go, driven cars on the open roads, and matched doctors in diagnosing skin cancers and diabetic eye conditions. With these advances, are we now on the cusp of a data-driven learning healthcare system? Not yet.

         The most daunting challenge is the lack of collaboration across the key players and stakeholders from various disciplines and industries. To this end, we are holding the 3rd PLAGH-MIT Critical Datathon. This event aims to bring together clinical experts, data scientists, statisticians and those with domain-specific knowledge to brainstorm ideas and contribute clinically relevant researches.


Clinicians, nurses, data scientists, data engineers, computer scientist, software engineers and students who are interested in

  • medical data analysis and application

  • solve “real-world’ complicated medical problems

  • cross-disciplinary teamwork

     are all welcome!


Artificial Intelligence for the Rest of Us
Leo Anthony Celi
The Story of MIMIC
Roger Mark
The OHDSI Solution for Sharing and Utilizing Healthcare Big Data
Xu Hua

Building the Foundation for Knowledge Keneration
Alistair Johnson

The Mission of the
National Engineering
Laboratory of Medical Big Data and its
Construction Progress
WanGuo Xue
Developing Healthcare Artificial Intelligence
from Human
Mengling Feng
Machine Learning in Uncertain and Adversarial Environments
Ngiam Kee Yuan
Bringing AI to Clinical Implementation At NUHS
Zhu Jun
AI-enabled Healthcare Industry Transformation
Shaochun Li
How Artificial
Intelligence Can be
Incorporated in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and
Mikael Hartman
Zhou Li

Application of Wearable Monitoring Technology in Smart Ward Construction

Experts Lineup

Roger Mark
Distinguished Professor of Health Sciences and Technology of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Leo Anthony Celi
Clinical Director, Lab for Computational Physiology
Desen Cao
The director of the Department
of Biomedical Engineering,
Chinese PLA
General Hospital
WanGuo Xue
Director of the Medical Data Center, PLA
Ngiam Kee Yuan
Chief Technical Officer, Medical System, National University of Singapore, Chief Medical Information Officer, National University Hospital, Singapore (Deputy)
Zhu Jun
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Technology
Tsinghua University
Zhengbo Zhang
Deputy director of the medical
engineering support center of
the PLA general hospital
Mikael Hartman
Senior Consultant, Breast and Trauma Surgery, National University Hospital (NUH)
Associate Professor, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore (NUS)
Associate Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Department of Surgery, NUS
Mengling 'Mornin' Feng
Assistant Professor/Senior Asst Director
Alistair Johnson(MIT)
Research scientist LCP, MIT
Xu Hua
Professor, Institute of Biomedical Information, UTHealth, Director of the Computational Biomedical Center
Shaochun Li
Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and Research Leader at the IBM Research



Nov 30



Dec 1



Dec 2


About  Datathon  

        Datathon is a novel event in health data analysis, first launched by the MIT Laboratory for Computational Physiology LCP group. So far they have held 27 datathons all over the world. This event aims to bring clinicians, data scientists and innovators in healthcare together to address current problems and unmet needs in healthcare with“real world” data and advanced data analytic techniques. In this 3-day program, people from various background could share their idea, thoughts and skill sets. Through collaboration, they will experience the life cycle of a clinical data analysis project and their work would be finalized as a research paper.



The General Hospital of People’s Liberation Army(301 hospital)

28 fuxing road Beijing (wukesong)